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    Testify In Burgundy & Pink

    Hi Whyte fam, it’s been ages since my last post and I sincerely apologize. My laptop spoilt since the beginning of the month as I was about to put up a health post, I have been feeling down since.
    Well today I’m going to be talking on something a lil different. I’m going to give a short testimony on how God keeps answering my prayers.
    I basically want to testify to the goodness of God in my life. Each day he answers my prayers, though they may seem little and unreasonable to the next person, but they mean a whole lot to me.
    Since last December I noticed how quick and miraculously God responds to my little prayers. One day I prayed for a cake and God gave me 2cakes.

    Another time came when I requested for Fried rice and spaghetti, He brought them unto me. Recently I just prayed for fruits and Shortbread biscuits and Vuala there they were, right at my door step.
    But the two big ones he did was 1. Moving my exam ( cause I am preparing for two different exams that both fell in the month of May.) & 2. For showing me a sign when I wanted one.

    If you have ever come across the book Unmerited Favour by Joseph Prince, you will see my testimonies with the right eyes. But most of you still will never understand and I don’t need you too. So far my God gets me I’m fine.
    Thank you for reading my Testimony Post. 😘😘 Do come again.

    Tan Top: Young Dimension
    Blazzer:.from my High School Graduation
    Shoes: Torrid

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